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Q: Do aesthetic social media presentation and educational mandate of art contradict each other? (14/06/2021)

A: I think so! If there is no adequate differentiation of cultural work and entertainment.
I see a rise in popular methods in the art world. Meaning art is produced in order to attract as much attention (or popularity) as possible. This is bad for our society since the intrinsic methods offer no possibility of development and have a negative impact on people. I see a rise in emotional, seperating, sensational, aesthetically pleasing and overwhelming content. Theres a bonus if you follow current trends.
This is contradicts a thought orientated culture meaning the devaluation of content and art in general. Bad side effect is the disappering of critique and confrontation.

In conclusion it is my strong conviction that we need new individualistic artists that challenge the systemic hollowness with new narratives (!). In short: the story is back [¬º-°]¬ 

(based on a Twitter exchange with Kunsthalle Karlsruhe)


Q: Thoughts on the state sponsored exhibition #DiversityUnitedArt (08/06/2021)

A: I think politication of art is bad. The institutional valuation of art (and it´s reputation) can now be easily manipulated by private interests or economic power. Thinking about current art I would agree with Daniel Richter that the artist that only cares about his career is a new and problematic phenomenon.

The artists that focuses exclusively on one owns economic status neglects all the other possibilities art could offer. In reality this prevents the confrontation with moral, social, transcendental issues and ultimately averts cultural progress.


Q: What about NFTs? (17/06/2021)

A: It`s awful in many ways now! It may be a noble idea to directly sell digital art. However in reality there are many problems. For me the most important aspect is the negative environmental impact. NFTs are linked to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum which still consume a lot of electricity. In short this is unneccessary environmental pollution.

Also while i`m no financial advisor I believe the intransparency of cryptos could be a hazard due to criminal activity. Speaking for myself I do want to know who buys and why. Especially with the current monetary policies a lot of uninformed people began to invest in the stock market. Unnessecary to say I don´t believe the current narrative that assets and stocks will always increase in price.


Not so serious

Q: Whats are the works about?

A: Happiness, Stupidness and Escapism

Q: Isn`t it too oldschool to paint figures?

A: No. Figurative art just came back from the grave to whoop your a++¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Q: Ive seen similar works somewhere in Berlin…

A: Guess where the ideas come from ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Q: The paintings could look better!

A: Yes, but I don`t care! It`s old german tradition: paint it bad (important lesson!) Also im not a machine¯\_(ツ)_/¯