Artist`s texts

About Beauty

  1. The rise of social media has led to the tendency to present aesthetically, perfect pictures. Especially in the context of art this means we do have a huge environment that forces art to be beautiful and punishes ugliness. This is bad because our art will be judged upon visual pleasure without any discussion about content. In short theres a rise in mannierism, illustration and cliche narratives in the art world. Basically that means goodbye free (and good) art
  2. Id say for example in germany conservative (meaning academic and thus boring) beauty is linked to reactionary politics or reactionary attitude in society. This new conservatism leads to art that emphasize classical and traditional anachronistic cliches or escapes in the realm of popular contemporary design. Even though artists like Gerhard Richter managed to link beauty and artistic progress I`d argue we lost the concept of progress in arts since we are trapped in a cycle of improving beauty instead of questioning the status quo of our culture.
  3. Thinking about sexism and beauty I very much oppose the current trend that sees male painters painting their wifes as a sign of political oppression. First of all it is natural to paint persons that are meaningful to yourself. Then very often this paintings are works of inncocent and romantic love. This is not a bad thing at all. Universal Artistic Beauty can develop out of this. However It is my honest opinion that the current focus on female art is a political thought and art should never be directed by political intentions.
  4. Last but not least the thought of monumental beauty is a scary one. It is a current trend that art is becoming more immersive and overwhelming. This is bad when you think about the implications. The private and direct dialogue through art is being substituted by art for the masses. This is a dangerous direction since masses demand entertainment without any critical thought. If we continue this way I guess our culture will become something like an ìnstant gratification without deeper reflection. This would contribute to the devaluation of our culture and society.