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Regression – the inability or unwillingness to grow up and become an adult may be seen as a sign of our society. Not only is the child the ideal consumer (lacking critical judgement) – the rejection of adulthood also provides a state of bliss. The individual is able to create a personal paradise which offers protection from the threats of a physical/material world. The work presented consists of two parts. Unlike usual the presentation of paintings consists of a theatrical display in which individual elements overlap and contextualize as if they were part of a stageplay.

Chapter I: warum bin ich so fröhlich [left part] shows different emotional expressions by citing popular emojis. As one might say we encounter an overview of emotional states while at the same time positive expressions are dominant.

Chapter II: The metaverse consists of personal painted memories of the artist. Reflecting upon the escapism of today’s adults we encounter elements of popular video games (Minecraft-block), pixel graphics and the social media avatar of the artist. It is worth to notice that these digital memories are being brought back to the physical and even displayed as profoundly physical.

Reflecting again on the psychological implications of the term regression the artist interprets this state of mind as ultimate escapism. An escape into other digital worlds which exclude any threats a full grown person would encounter.